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Packaging lover

More than anything lately, I've been craving for packagings. I know. I can't explain how satisfying watching their design is to me. It's clear, it's easy, perfect lines, words, fonts, colors or none, dimensions, aspect and texture, finishes, drawings or pictures, I do love a purified style more than anything.

As weird as it can sounds, I am constantly fighting against myself to put packagings to the bean, paper bags from the shops (I am now exposing a &otherstories one in the corner of my lounge, yes), clean bottles of gin or wine, pretty make up or skincare packagings, a magazine cover, a letter, a bottle of hand soap, THIS makes me happy. 
As you see, I am that obsessed I couldn't use my stories nail polish remover wipes. Once again, I know. Might be the only one to find them pretty on my coffee table ? Please tell me there's someone out there like me. The last year or so, I think I have finally figured out what in life I love so much, and I think, more than fashion, art, it's packaging. I am happy in a world of curated products with perfect clear lines. 
I even am starting to look for pretty sponges in my kitchen. . .
(here is what satisfies my eyes)
S H O P  F O R  P A C K A G I N G S

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