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When the weather is that bad I feel like I have nothing to wear in my wardrobe and everything on shops seems too wintery or too light to wear under the rain, that's usually the moment I fall back in love with skincare and decide it's time to try new things for my skin - to get my face fresh and ready for spring and eventually, getting a tan!

That's why I recently took the plunge and tried some new bits I was dying to get my hands on, including origins skincare products and a new jo malone perfume. Spring means a fresh new start for me, I like to try new things, go back on readings, clean my home and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables again - forget about winter and go back to my floaty dresses and floral scents. Spring, I am READY.

Jo Malone - Blackberry & Bay 
I am quite picky with my scents, and I tend to always wear the same perfumes, à savoir Chanel Chance Eau Fraîche or Daisy by Marc Jacobs, but I really wanted something new for this spring. I've always wanted to try Jo Malone products but I thought a lot about it before finally getting my first parfume from there. My idea was to get a scent that would be mine, something different you don't see everywhere and that I won't recognize on other peoples in the street. I like fresh scents, always, I don't like too heavy or sugary perfumes and rather prefer a fresh floral or fruity scent. That's why I opted for Blackberry & Bay, firstly very intrigued by it's name and a scent that would remember me summer at home picking blackberries with my mom. That's exactly the smell I was looking for, fresh, fruity, light, I now wear it everyday and would love to try Jo Malone's other scents!

Origins Ginzing Energy-Boosting Gel Moisturizer
Get ready to hear a lot about Origins! I've always dreamed to try this brand and it was my number one on my list of the things I want to test one day. Now that it's available in Sephora, I had no excuses not to try it out during spring. For my face, I choosed the "orange" range which is developed to brighten your skin and give it a fresh and radiant look. It really does the work, my skin looks deeply revitalized, healthy, it's lightweight, oil-free and gets read of all my red patches. I also find it unifying my skin and it gives me all the hydratation I need. Can you tell I love that cream?!

Origins Refreshing Eye Cream to Brighten and Depuff
I know how bad it sounds but I've never had an eye cream before this one.. I don't know why, I've always had really hydrated skin around my eyes and never found the necessity to apply an eye cream. However, I was really intrigued by this one and its power to reduce dark circles - which I now tend to have quite regularly. I love the texture of the cream, - and this peach color yes.i.know - it does the work for me and seems to really help on my dark circles. Don't know why I haven't tried this before!

Guerlain Eye Liner
I know it's not skincare but it's still a new in for me and I wanted to give it a quick mention here. I was looking for a new eye liner and was really tired of the old ones I've tried before, much more affordable but drying in one week. This one is my perfect eye liner. It's black, easy to apply, stays in all day, can't dry, for me it's the best I've ever try. Yes it does costs a lot but I think I'll use it for a long, long time.

Origins United State Balancing Tonic
I used to love tonics but since moving and everything, I have not got the opportunity to purchase a new one, until recently. Having combination skin, I love using a balancing tonic to help the different areas of my face, and I can really see a difference when I use it on my face before applying my moisturizer. I've also spotted that this product gives my face a beautiful natural glow on my cheekbones, which I do like A LOT! 

Origins Original Skin Cleansing Makeup
Let's talk about this product, but firstly, how amazing is that packaging!! I love this shade of light pink and really appreciate putting this in my shower. The product itself is likewise brilliant, the texture is a dream for the skin and it removes any trace of makeup living the skin feeling oh so soft. A new must have in my collection, and one of my favorite products from origins so far.

Origins Ginzing Refreshing Scrub Cleanser
Another great product, which I use once a week to get rid of any dead skin on my face. I love the fresh scent, the subtile scrub, it's one of the products my face always love to gain a little bit of radiance, another thing I could see myself buy again and again.

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