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How to get inspired for your home

It can sometimes be complicated to find new ideas for your home decor, you might find choosing colors, an overall theme and details complicated... That's why I give you some of my fav ways to get inspired today !

I've always had a lot of ideas of how I want my apartment to look like, but there is a world between imagination and how things really look like in real life ! I find it really hard to picture everything, to be sure that a gold table would look great with a silver lamp, and that old wood table with white design chairs, which painting to put on the walls.. I have a loooot of ideas and things I like, but it's sometimes tricky to know if everything will finally go together. This is where I find finding inspiration and seeing home decor images helps a lot ⌄

First of all, home inspiration books. One they are beautiful to put on your coffee table and two, that's probably the easiest way to find inspiration. I love The Socialite Family and Surf Shack, both received for my birthday and full of numerous ideas. TSF is good for giving you a lot of tips on how to style  your hallway to your bathroom, while Surf Shack is just great to see how things can be put together and learn the stories behind an interior. I love them both so much and they helped me a l.o.t.

Magazines are also a great way to get inspired. I find them perfect to pick a theme for your home, and a way to find beautiful designer pieces you would love to add to your interior. They also are really great to get ideas on how to put together old and new pieces of furniture. I personally like Kinfolk and Milk Decoration.

Online shops are the last way I like to find inspiration. They always have those themes sections such as Zara's spring Florist collection, associating the pieces they sell in a beautiful way. I find it being an excellent way to see the things you love and want to buy in "action" before purchasing them. My favorite online shop is for sure Anthropology, and looking at the new in section never fails giving me a mountain of ideas.

Which one are yours ? How do you get inspired for your home ? Hope this helped some of you. xx


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