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5 Instagram tips

My five tips you may know or may not about my favorite social platform by far.

Am I the only one addicted here ?! I don't think so - well I hope. Instagram is for me a dream for the eyes and a never ending source of inspiration, however, you can easily get lost among the variety of beautiful pictures and you might need some help in order to organize your posts and so develop an inspiring feed that shows your personality as well as your usual life with that little touch of color, light, always-on-holidays look. 
If that's the case, then keep on reading !
Easy one, but instagram is full of talented people that might inspire you, all you have to do is to follow them and scroll down the home page of the app to get your daily shot of fresh, pleasing pictures. I always have my what I like to call "favorite accounts of the moment" (talked about them here) and I keep them as favorites in the "search" section to make sure I check them every now and then as I know they will for sure inspire me. What I also like to do, when the feed is 100% my thing, is to take a quick capture of the grid to keep it on my phone as my own mini pinterest (that's what I just did above with @tezzamb and @collagevintage accounts). Talking about pinterest, I wasn't sure at first but know I love that new feature on Instagram, where you can save your favorite pictures on a private section - easy way to keep an eye on things you may want to take inspiration from, maybe recreate, that dream bag you wish to have one day, a nice coffee shop, maybe just colors, easy, just everything you love. And if you needed more, why not taking a fresh note book and writing down ideas of future posts - pictures to take ?

First of all, what personally, do you like more ? Scroll again, check those accounts you love, is that this light blue theme, this tropical forest one, this almost passed away-brown-vintage look, do you like things to be geometrical, clean lines, black and white, or a lot of saturation, sunsets and palm trees ? Personally, I love clear themes with a pop of color, I like that almost no-filter effect with quite a blue tone behind. 
What you have to ask yourself now is : can I maintain that type of feed ? Are this colors easy to obtain in my day to day life ? (think if you want a bright pink theme when you live in the countryside during december) Is that realizable ? We don't all have that Californian sun, a dream wardrobe or the chance to swim in the Maldive's deep blue water everyday. Find something you love and you can recreate quite naturally.
Now that you have found what your colors are, you might want to edit your pictures to give them an identity that will make them look good together. Filters will help you that way and calm down that deep contrasted picture taken under a bright afternoon, play with shadows at night, make your flatlay stand out and simply add that thing more on your pictures. To do, I recommend you to download vscocam. Vscocam is the only editing app I use and it's for me the best around there. Some of the filters are free but you can bought the others for not that much, and what I have to say is that you will find the most delicate ones, each of them is unique and oh so well developed.  You can also, before adding filters, put that light up and enhance that contrast a little bit. Over using filters can be quite tempting, but I recommend you to keep things natural - you can always adjust your filters. What you want to do is to add something more to your pictures, help them have that thing in common but at the same time make them look as they were - almost - no filtered. Here is an exemple of how you can edit a picture, the filter I use most of the time on vsco is the C4 / Chromatic.

Next step is uploading your picture on instagram. However, you might wander how your picture will look in your feed - if so, download planoly. I don't use the app for so long but it has changed the game : you arrange, re-arrange your pictures the way you want, try a picture or another, a combination of colors, plan your posts and schedule them in your week, planoly is the best app to get organized before posting, and so never have that moment of "does this really goes in my feed ?" when it's already uploaded (and you've already got two likes #stressincreasing). On planoly, you can also check your likes and your comments and so quickly analyze your account. Say goodbye to the Instagram-post-posting-picture stress !

Probably the most important thing to keep in mind. Be true to who you are, take inspiration but don't just copy, don't restrain yourself if you want to post something, everything you share is worth sharing if it kinds of tells a story to you, makes you remember a moment or just something YOU find inspiring or beautiful, even if it's not trendy or if it just talks to yourself or someone you love. It is your account, your choices, don't be too influenced, and remember to have fun in the journey.

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